LPG Gas Consumer information Sheets submit online

Submit your LPG Gas Consumer Information Sheet to the respective dealers to avoid the boundaries on usage of Gas cylinders per year now everybody who own a cylinder have to submit Consumer information Sheets to dealers because up to know the oil corporations are under huge loss on providing Gas Connections to state so these oil corporation asked the government to provide the new gas connections all over state but they put these situation in pending so in these interval every gas owner got a chance to take more than one connection and more even. So the Old oil corporations like IOCL, HPCL and BPCL has decided to limit the consumer connections without considering the higher authorities decisions.

So one of the most important thing one has to consider is they are modifying their software and by this they can come to know how many are going to book etc by maintaining a separate option in their website like “Number of Connections Booked” so they accept only up to 13 lakh connections and requests coming after that will not be consider.

How can we avoid LPG Gas Disconnection?
One who want to avoid GAS disconnections have to submit LPG Gas Consumer Information Sheet with your exact detailed information if you want to apply for more than one connection or if you have another connection then submit it to the Gas dealers for new connections, you should apply for new connection n number of times if you have connections after submitting they have to accept for this process it takes around 1 year and you have to wait until 1 year to get new connection.
Check the details about different dealers given below..

However decision taken by these Gas providers effect much on middle class family that too family with joint member’s effect more government has to take a best option for us as soon as possible.

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