Main Topics to Prepare for Bank Interviews

Greetings from Andhraworld to all the candidates who have qualified in CWE’s and for you here are some basic and important concepts that you should cover and it also explains you the structure of Bank Interviews. Means what types of questions that interviewer may fire you what topics you should prepare for bank interviews etc 

Focusing on Banking Knowledge

                        Common banking test may be one time exercise but the selection gets over only after each bank completes its interview proceedings. So candidates have to prepare for every bank interview just like preparing for exams earlier, It is not always easy to read the minds of panelists.
                        Due to this personal interview sessions always tend to create panic among young people. But by being bold ready to encounter any type of question with confidence, it is possible to keep fear at bay.

what to prepare for bank interviews

Importance of Banking Knowledge

                        Applying for a bank job and don’t know what is a term Loan? The chances of your making it to the final list would only get distant.
                        Hence, there is no other alternative to prevent this and it is always easy to learn banking knowledge as it roughly contains 100-130 regularly used words in baking and finance sector. So it is very important to have basic baking knowledge.

Some of the basic topics to get prepared before going to the interview

  1. Questions about RBI, its Governor, and recent rate hike
  2. Latest Technologies used in banking (Internet, Mobile and SMS Banking)
  3. Names of bank Chairman / MD, RBI Governor and important financial organizations
  4. Terms used in banking field like (NEFT, RTGS, REPO rate, NPA, KYC etc)
  5. Money Instruments like (Cheques, DD, ATM, Debit card, Credit Card etc) and How and when to use them
  6. Five Year Plans, recent development in banking sector, mergers, Indian Economy, Policy Decisions

Some of the questions likely to be asked in interview panel

  • Full form of NPA?
  • What is KYC?
  • How to denote ‘account payee’ on a cheque?
  • What is Call Money?
  • What is Stock market?
  • What are bulls and bears in a stock market?
  • How is insurance related to banking sector?

Also focus on Current Affairs

Apart from banking knowledge General Awareness on Current issues also plays a vital role in banking interviews.Though it is a vast subject, it is important to have some basic general awareness. News papers, television news, other general awareness articles will help you. My personal suggestion for current affairs is go through bankersadda capsule that is more than enough.

Here are some topics listed which will help you in the interview

  • What is Economy?
  • Difference between Economy and Economics?
  • Role of Government in Banking Sector?
  • Different welfare Schemes of the government and state governments?
  • Budgetary functions and budget related issues? (Like budget allocation to different sectors)
  • Population of India (Like poverty line, Planning Commission, Census etc)
Please refer to the topics mentioned above this may be useful for your interview please share this to support us

Most Important Bank Interview Questions (Expert Answers)

Greetings from Andhraworld here is the new article for those who are preparing for bank interviews like IBPS PO, IBPSC Clerk, RRB PO’s and Clerk. Below mentioned are the most repeated questions and expert answers you can choose. We mainly focus on three important bank interview questions in this article and are as follows
important bank interview questions and answers

1. What are your Strengths and Weakness?

This is one of the main question that may fire you in interview, for this we have some expert answers choose among those

Expert Answer 1

My Strengths are interpersonal skills, and I can usually win people over to my point of view. Also I have good judgment about people and an intuitive sense of their talents and their ability to contribute to a given problem. These skills seem to me directly related to the job. However I have a weakness. I have a tendency to take on too much on my own. I am working on this to delegating more.

Expert Answer 2

Meeting schedules is my strength. I make a plan well before start of work. I will keep the plan well till I finish that task, I'll take care of taking the initial inspiration till the task is finished. As far as weakness is concerned I have a problem in mingling with people, however I had realized it, and i am improving my skills so that i can develop a good rapo with others.

Expert Answer 3

My ability is organizing work. When multiple tasks are there to perform, I prioritizes them quickly and efficiently. This reduces the last hour tension. However I have a drawback, i.e ignore resources that are required to finish the task, now I understood the problem I am working on that area, I will master in that too.

2. Your father is in ______ Profession, why are you aspiring/coming to banking career?

Expert Answer 1 (If Father is Farmer)

My Father is a farmer. Fortunately, we have good crop over the years. The bank in my village has given loan in time which helped my family. My father used to tell me the role of the bank that made my family fortune, from that I have developed lot of enthusiasm of doing the same job and help the farmers across the country.

Expert Answer 2 (If Father is a Private Employee)

My father is a private job holder as far as earnings are concerned, he is doing well. I have seen my father many number of times that he had felt not serving poor directly. Frequent donations are done but that monetary help did not satisfy him. It’s just like giving fish instead of teaching how to fish. So I have decided to help poor, while enjoying all luxuries. Banking sector is providing an excellent opportunity to realize my goal, hence I have chosen.

Expert Answer 3 (General)

A lucrative career, job security, platform to help poor, giving scope to contribute in improving economy, all these opportunities that are there in banking helped to get attraction towards this. More over I have a passion of managing accounts, and giving good suggestions of various ways of savings. As a Bank employee I can do these professionally hence I have chosen banking as my career.

3. Your Native place is famous for?

(This depends upon place; aspirants have to collect either any historical or political importance of his/her native village)

Expert Answer 1

My village is famous for its beauty. It does not have any historical importance even though existing since immemorial times, it is politically importance. My village plays a key role in deciding the fate of political leaders during elections. The voters in our village are unpredictable.

Expert Answer 2

My place is famous for industrial existence. People from various states are employed here hence my place is hub of different cultures. Every month, a joint festival happens lot of enjoyment and excitement happens.

Expert Answer 3

My village is important cultural hub. It had historical events since ancient time to independent struggle. A few freedom fighters were born in my village.
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Staff Selection Commission Online Test Pattern 2015-16

Government is planning to change recruitment procedure in SSC in various departments and that SSC New Test pattern 2015 is here. For this SSC is mainly planning to change the exam pattern, in this concern MG Khan Panel has already submitted its new changes to government. By observing the present pattern the panel proposed new changes as follows
SSC Latest exam pattern
  • For applying job Online Registration should be made compulsory, since north east candidates have less IT usage since they have to be exempted from online registration.
  • Candidates need to register yourself for one time by giving all your basic details including AADHAR number and education details can be updated any time.
  • Online exam has to be implemented as bank exams for this SSC needs more resources, for this SSC needs to take help of private organizations. In this online exam questions and answers must be given in jumbled. 
  • Negative marking also to be included in exam and after online exam SSC will be made available with question paper along with Key.
  • Usage of Biometric, mobile jammers and CC Camera recording should be implemented
  • SSC exam year schedule should be made available in internet, newspapers, and social media
  • Career counseling classes should be given in colleges and universities
  • SSC should not handle for CAPF below 10+2 recruitment. Constable related posts should take the permission of Home Minster and should process by CAPF or 60% of the posts should be recruited using SSC Online Exam
For more updated in SSC New Pattern please stay tune to andhraworld

TSPSC Job Portal Subscription for Mobile Updates

Here is the latest scheme that TSPSC is going to launch for their unemployed youth for making ease of use. Main Aim of this scheme is Candidates who are willing to prepare for TSPSC Govt Jobs should focus on their preparation and not to waste time in searching for notification website, recruitment updates. So all these details you will be getting to your subscribed mobile number directly for this TSPSC is launching a portal.

telangana job portal registration
In this concern TSPSC is contacting with all the departments before its launch.
  • If anyone is registered with this portal by subscribing to certain job updates like UPSC, DSC, Bank Jobs then candidates will get latest updates as SMS to subscribed mobile number.
  • Every Candidate who are willing to get job in TSPSC can upload their personal and educational information in the portal website.
  • Candidates who have uploaded their data in the website will get a unique code and password to update your data.
  • By using this portal you can also pay exam fee and can also apply using the uploaded data so this reduces the time to fill your personal data and educational data while applying.
This is the update regarding the TSPSC Job Portal and we will update you soon the website and how to subscribe in TSPSC job Portal please stay tune…